I went for my first float a few days ago, and it was incredible. I didn’t know that I could be that relaxed and that even after I went on with the rest of my day the calm stayed with me. I was so happy to have some relief from the fibro pain that has haunted me for years. I have already booked my second float for next week! I also found the facility to be very clean, love the décor, and the staff were super friendly and helpful. (April 2018)
Brenda A
I had my first float I would highly recommend this to anyone that has any aches and pain. It was very relaxing I had a great night sleep. The staff is very friendly and helpful, the facility is very clean. I would definitely do it again. (March 2018)
Helen W
Every time I go I keep wishing I could stay longer. Somehow 90 minutes just seems to go by so fast. I guess that’s the problem you have to deal with when you enjoy something so much, time flies by. (March 2018)
Tony K
I really had no idea what to expect and if my daughter didn’t have a pass to go, I never would have gone but sure am glad I did. I had injured a shoulder over a year ago and it was still not healed. I don’t know what this float did, but there is no more tingling, numbness, soreness, nothing. I have my shoulder back and still back 2 days later. I hope it holds but I plan to go back for more floats to keep it on the right path, finally. This was truly and amazing surprise result. (March 2018)
J’Nell P

I highly recommend the 90-minute floats especially if you have fibromyalgia or rheumatoid arthritis or live in a very stressful environment. These floats do more for me than any other kind of treatment or all of them combined.
The staff is kind and caring and do everything they can to make it a positive experience.
The price is it very reasonable I highly recommend purchasing a package, you will not be disappointed. (March 2018)
Leslie L

I have floated a few times now and have always been greeted with a warm smile and helpful advice. The environment is peaceful and calming, you begin to relax immediately. I have found floating beneficial for my chronic pain, fibro & migraines. Therefore, I would highly recommend it to others in the hope that they too can experience some relief. I had never experienced anything like floating before. I find it peaceful, relaxing, meditative, a quiet place where you can shut off your mind and body or if you choose, become more in tune to it to mind and body. Each time my float is done I wish I feel more at centered, at peace, in control, relaxed, less emotional, decreased pain, less headaches/migraines… I look forward to the day ahead with renewed energy, balance and perspective.
The cabins and area are always very clean and well maintained. The amenities are generous and help to reduce the amount we must carry to each session, thanks you!
I am very grateful to have found Beyond Buoyancy for floatation, the staff are very caring and cheerful. I wouldn’t go anywhere else! (March 2018)
Jenny V

I received a voucher for a free float and went for my first session yesterday. The lady working at the front desk was very kind and accommodating, I felt very welcome. The float experience was interesting, it took a little while to get used to but eventually, I found it very relaxing! I felt a sense of rejuvenation that stayed with me for the rest of the day post-session. (March 2018)
Samantha S

I was a little hesitant at first as I wasn’t sure I could just do nothing for 90 minutes. However, I found it to be very peaceful and calming and a wonderful rest from my sometimes hectic life. My first hope was to restore my body and muscles after a weekend of soccer, but to my surprise, the greatest gift was a GREAT night sleep. I would highly recommend this to anyone that just wants to get away from it all, and spend time floating and in total relaxation mode. Looking forward to enjoying the ongoing benefits and will DEFINITELY do it again. (February 2018)
Kristi B

I had a wonderful experience. The lady at the counter was very accommodating to my needs. She even came to speak to me afterwards to see how everything was and just chat a little, which made me feel good and like a human being. Not just a customer. I felt pretty nervous going into my appointment but after I was finished my float I felt calm and relaxed. I highly recommend going there if even just to try something new. Escape the world for a little bit. (February 2018)
Chantal K

I was gifted a 90-minute float for my birthday – best present! This was my first time floating, and I really appreciated the friendly and helpful service that was provided to me. The facilities at Beyond Buoyancy are wonderful, and it is evident that the owners and staff take pride in the relaxing environment that they provide to their clients. The float itself was fantastic, and two days later I am still feeling its relaxing effects. Suffice to say, I’ll be back! (February 2018)

James D

Friendly staff, clean facility, the experience itself was invigorating. This was my first float, it is something I would do again. (February 2018)
Monty P

I have nothing but praise for my experiences floating, the staff is incredibly polite and have your best interest at heart. I highly recommend enjoying the experience of floating and it has clearly helped me on many levels!! (January 2018)
Don D

Had my first float. Very clean facility, with helpful staff. They were right when it says it takes about 45 min. to get into the total relaxed mode. Dozed in and out after that. Very relaxing. Would I go again? ABSOLUTELY! (February 2018)
Al H

Thank you so much for one of the most wonderful experience in my life. I enjoyed floating! I slept like a baby last night. My body feels great and my skin feels soft and smooth. I feel I have lots of energy ready to accomplish anything. I feel calm and wonderful! I highly recommend to anyone to try floating Beyond Buoyancy.
What a beautiful experience! (January 2018)
Eve R
Recently completed my first float. It was an interesting experience. I was a bit nervous and didn’t let myself relax fully. Now that I know what to expect, I know how I can make my next float even better. Beyond Buoyancy was clean and the staff friendly, capable and knowledgeable. (November 2017)
Jan K
I tried the pre-float room yesterday and found it really helped to prepare me for a deep, relaxing float. I personally find a float more relaxing than a massage. This is an amazing experience that boosts my mood and reduces my stress! (November 2017)
Michele S
It had been a long time since my last float as life just got busy and expensive. After being away for so long, Lyse recognized me immediately. I was welcomed back like an old acquaintance.
I never really knew how much I needed this treatment until I got into the cabin. You never know how much stress and tension is in your body until you allow your body to fully relax in a float tank. I’m going through my calendar now to book future appointments so I am committed to them.
And as usual the staff are fantastic and make you feel like family when you enter the building. (November 2017)
Tony K
 I haven’t floated for the summer months and enjoyed bringing a family member with me this past weekend. I SUPER relaxed during the float! It really took me to a quiet place that I haven’t been in for a while with all the running around the last couple of months. I also went into a deeper place in my grieving process – so healing and soothing to the soul.
(September 2017)
Kathleen T
This was my first time floating, although I had been intending to try it for a couple of years. I was completely satisfied with the staff and facilities at Beyond Buoyancy. They made my first journey a truly spectacular experience. The session itself was far greater than I even expected–and my expectations were high. What a beautiful adventure. I will definitely visit Beyond Buoyancy frequently from here on out. (September 2017)
Curtis O
Scrupulously clean and absolutely professional without being cold and sterile. No hassle check in and no upselling to spoil the experience. (August 2017)
Pat F
I now consider myself a “frequent floater” and have tried to float here twice a month. I find it helps me take time for myself and better cope with stress and arthritis pain. Even better, I just found out my wellness spending account reimburses the cost! (August 2017)
Michele S
I have experienced floating before and floating at Beyond Buoyancy was an exceptional experience. From the first moment I walked thru the door, I was greeted with warmth and professionalism. The process was explained to me clearly and I was given the opportunity to ask questions. The float cabin is spacious and the water comfortable.
I would, and have, recommend people go to Beyond Buoyancy for their float experiences. (July 2017)
Audrey Lynn F
After my last trip abroad, on my return the plantar fasciitis was rampant! Funnily I delayed floating, didn’t even think about it until yesterday. Well, I wish I’d have gone sooner! The total body relaxation made a huge difference to the feet and whole body. A sweet reminder to continue to float regularly. And thank you to the staff who have my pod ready and up to the temperature I prefer. Thank you kindly ladies! (July 2017)
Kathleen T
 Thank you so much to the team at Beyond Buoyancy! I brought my aunt and friend for our first float and the team had such compassion for my aunt and took great care of us. We will definitely be back and can say floating is a rejuvenating experience. We have already talked with friends about coming for their first float! Thank you again for such a great experience! (June 2017)
Heather S
There are not enough words to say how I feel about Beyond Buoyancy. I floated yesterday and as always I was greeted and welcomed, by name, by Alanna and Wanda.
You are treated like family, not just a customer.
They always ask how things are going with my coping and recovery from PTSD and Fibromyalgia, and any other ailments I am dealing with.
By happenstance, I walked into their facility the day they opened and I am so happy I did.
Well done ladies, and thank you. (May 2017)
Jeremy W

The experience begins the second you walk in the door. They have truly captured serenity in every detail of the environment. Once you are floating in the tank it is something else I can’t describe, a wonderful, relaxing getaway for your body and mind. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. Waking up the day after my float my body feels great and my mind feels clearer. Thank you!  (May 2017)

Danielle R

As always, the staff are friendly polite, and sincere.  I go in feeling like a grumpy beat up dog and when I come out I’m ready to face the world again. Completely refreshed and renewed.  (May 2017)

Leslie L

Wonderful and relaxing first experience. I am looking forward to another float.  (May 2017)

Natalie M

Awesome float! Absolutely takes you away from the land of stress.
Both physical & mental. Highly recommend this experience. Within minutes of the float, I felt my physical pressure points & minutes later, surprisingly they disappeared. My visit was with my 2 sisters & we will definitely return. We had a great evening as a result. Woke up totally refreshed! Thank you! (April 2017)

Marilyn B

I am not sure where it is I go to when I float, but I am always glad I went there! (April 2017)

David P

I tried my first float here several months ago and now float at least monthly. Twice a month is even better! My life is crazy busy right now with lots of changes and stress. Floating is my oasis and makes me take time for myself. The units are large so you don’t feel closed in, the lighting is soothing and subtle and the water is the perfect temperature. Staff go over and above to make your experience as relaxing as possible. (April 2017)

Michele S

Blissful quiet and calm in the midst of a stressful time. Take a break and reset so you can carry on with purpose and calm. Love floating!  (March 2017)



Went for my first ever float last evening. Had the worst headache all week so figured let’s try this relaxation thing everyone is talking about. I also have fibromyalgia so hoping it would help with the aches & pains. Wasn’t sure what to expect. This was definitely a different experience. Only lasted an hour out of my 90 minutes, but was well worth it. Left there feeling good and no headache. Slept right thru the night last night and woke up feeling refreshed today. I will give this another try along with a massage afterwards. Would recommend this to anyone who just wants to relax and take a time out for themselves. Worth it. (March 2017)


Broke my ankle and pulled a whack of ligaments this week. Could not believe how much better it felt after the float. WOW. Nothing like some zero gravity and magnesium of the cabin to give me some relief! Thank you!  (March 2017)

Lorraine P

I just went floating last night after not going for a year…..what was I thinking waiting so long?! I have known Wanda for years and trust her implicitly. The facility is welcoming, clean and very professional. The cabins vs the pods are fantastic. I like them because they are so large and roomy, I never feel closed in. So happy to have this place in the west end! Thank you!

Karen P


It was my first time trying out the sensory deprivation float tank. I honestly didn’t know what to expect until I actually went in.

At first, it was relaxing — the fact that I was simply floating in warm water with nothing expect hearing the water lapping up against the sides of the tank.
Then I ended up falling asleep, and it was really refreshing. I felt as if the water became a bed-like surface after a while. I love how you have no sense of time while in the float tank and was thankful to feel that most (if not all) of my annoying sore muscles were at ease.

Would definitely float again.  (February 2017)

Samantha V

I experienced my first float and it was truly lovely. It took me a bit to get comfortable with the water but after laying back and taking a few breaths I was able to relax. It truly feels like that moment right before you wake up and your body is dead and so relaxed, awake but still kind of dreaming in the softest bed you’ve ever slept in! Your body feels so at ease and in no time so does your mind.  (February 2017)

Jenise K

I thoroughly enjoyed my first float experience. It took me about 20 minutes to actually relax – buts that’s something I expected. After I actually “let go” I was blown away by the relaxation I achieved. The float chamber was very large – which was fantastic. I can’t wait to be back again. Anyone who is on the fence about this – don’t hesitate it’s a very cool experience.  (December 2016)

Kristina J

Beyond Buoyancy Staff is genuinely interested in each client and their needs. I am always welcomed and cared for with each visit. I am an extremely active individual who taxes my body, coming here to float greatly reduces my aches and pains, I would highly recommend that all athletes come and float!! 

Don D 

I have been to many spas in the past but Beyond Buoyancy is unlike anything I’ve ever been to. It is Edmonton’s best kept secret but won’t be anymore.

It is impeccable when it comes to the approach that they have to every customer. It is a holistic and therapeutic experience and pampering once you walk in. The attention to detail is shown in the pristine cleanliness of the spa is second to none, this is what I always look for and they surely surpass it. The prices are the best in the city…and its location in the west end so easy to access.

Lyse Hayes, greeted myself and my daughter with a warm welcoming smile and her attention to detail and professionalism left us feeling…well we are surely in the right place! My adult daughter who floated felt so completely rejuvenated and thoroughly enjoyed the 90 minute floating experience… the huge float cabins and perfect temperature of the water… totally therapeutic experience.

We felt we needed to share and we are so fortunate to have this in Edmonton. Thanks again!  (December 2016)

Laurel S

My first float experience was very pleasant. Greeted warmly by the attendant, given clear instructions and orientation to the float chamber and then left alone to enjoy the experience.

It took me a little while to “get out of my head”, relax, and accept the lack of sensory stimulation. The concept of time passing is almost non-existent. The feeling of weightlessness was truly enjoyable. Now that I know what to expect, I’m sure it will take me less time to turn off my brain and just “be”.

Robert S

What an amazing experience! Had heard about this but had no idea what to expect and was a little concerned about 90 minutes in a tank. After the lights went out the time flew by and I couldn’t believe it had been 90 minutes already! Definitely going to make this a regular occurrence in the future – my daughter had an amazing experience as well, unbelievable!

Pam C

Beyond Buoyancy was beyond my expectations for my first float. Everything was so clean and professional yet welcoming. The float was incredible. I would highly recommend it for all those mom’s out there! 90 minutes of pure uninterrupted relaxation, physically and mentally felt so good. If you can’t find the time to work out or meditate or generally do any self-care, do this one thing – floating does it all. I will definitely be making this part of my routine. Thank you.

Carla L

I had such an amazing experience here! My mom and I came for a relaxing girl’s night and we can’t wait to come back!!

Rena M

Went for my first float last night, and I say first, because it will not be my last. It was the most amazing experience I have ever had, I was worried that I might feel closed in, but not at all, The cabins were very spacious, clean, and very inviting. Thank you Beyond Buoyancy for a wonderful, healing float.

Tanis M

A peaceful atmosphere from the moment I walked into the office and during my whole floating experience.
The floating spa and reception area is very clean and beautiful. The Staff was so kind and helpful.
The float tank was big and spacious and I was pleased to see that the ceiling of the tank was nice and high.
After 10 mins, my body relaxed and I drifted in and out of sleep mode and at times felt like I was lying on a comfortable couch.
My floating session was wonderfully relaxing. It felt like I had just received massage.
  Thanks ladies.

Donna Lee

My fiancé has been talking about float therapy for years and my only regret is not taking the initiative to try this out sooner. It was such a unique experience, one that we will definitely be making the time to do much more frequently. Ninety minutes of complete relaxation and meditation, you walk away feeling like a new person. It’s incredible. Beyond Buoyancy was so accommodating squeezing in our last minute group of four and even letting us stay slightly longer than the allotted time slot to ensure we got to take in and enjoy the complete experience. The environment here is comforting, the staff friendly, and the individual float cabins are spacious and welcoming. My fiancé and I live down town with many closer float facilities, but we will definitely be making the slightly longer drive back to Beyond Buoyancy for our future float therapy sessions.

Courtney P 

The Float session was transforming and I look forward to many more! Excellent service, beautiful and clean space – overall a wonderful experience!

Liyan D

I went for my very first float last week after having been interested in this offering for quite some time. Upon arrival the staff member serving us was very helpful and provided us with tips and tricks for a great float. The float spa was beautiful, really clean, and carried a gentle and therapeutic atmosphere. The float itself was really great, the float tank was much larger than I thought it would be and I loved the high ceiling. I went for a 90 minute float which for me was great as it being my first time it took a little while to find my most comfortable position which still gave me time to relax. I recommend it for anyone interested in turning within to unwind, heal and take time for self-care. Looking forward to future floats! Thank You!


Thank you so much for providing this unique experience. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am dealing with recent injuries from a car accident and this gave me so much relief! At one point, I felt like my sinuses were completely stuffed up. Later that evening, I noticed that they were clear and continue to be so. Just an interesting personal observation. I will return and hopefully bring friends and family as well. I appreciate the efforts you went through to create a true sensory deprivation environment.


The summer special 60 minute float and 30 min massage was really, really good… Would do that again for sure!


Beyond Buoyancy is amazing! Anytime I am stressed out or in pain I go for my 90 minute float and I come out feeling like a new person, literally.
I would highly recommend this to everyone.

Leslie L

Float Therapy is amazing. I was skeptical at first because I am the person always on the go. However, i was able to relax once I got use to floating in a tank. When you first get into the water, there is a blue light that does get turned off after around 10 minutes. Earplugs are provided. I felt so relaxed afterwards and like a brand new person. In addition, what makes this location special is the staff for two reasons:
1. Welcoming and friendly
2. Care about your experience and ask what could be changed in the future.
I highly recommend trying it at least once.
Linda Lam

I had my first Float experience last night and it was amazing!! The cabin is spacious, no concern of claustrophobic feelings at all. I closed that door and closed out all stresses of a hectic, demanding job and 3 teenagers. I focused on what was happening to my body and could literally feel my muscles twitch as they let go of tension and started to relax. My mind was not shut off but it was at rest, a first for me in as long as I can remember.

The staff is phenomenal, kind, caring and encouraging. I would encourage anyone to try this experience as a part of a wellness journey.

 Theresa Meijer
I was super scared because of claustrophobia but they were so accommodating,they showed me how to keep the door open and were totally non judgemental.after a few seconds i closed the door because they were right,it was a very soothing and relaxing environment.i have a lower disc slip and over the last 7 yrs have tried everything from chiro to massage to physiotherapy to cortisone injections.nothing worked like this.helped with meditation too.i highly recommend floating in this location.the staff were amazing,patient and very caring.i will def be referring everyone i know to try this amazing experience.
 Faryal Khan
Cannot believe the sense of grounding and balance I have for days after a float. The staff at Beyond Buoyancy are enthusiastic and well versed in the art of floating. LOVE their huge cabins versus pods. Thank you!
Lorraine Parry
Each float I’ve had (3) has been slightly different. Yesterday was completely relaxing and in fact I relaxed so much that I’m feeling it as soreness in my muscles today! A release for sure. The mental relaxation is so deep that I wouldn’t know how to explain that to someone else. Today I feel completely relaxed and at peace, no rush to have to do anything which is nice. Thank you Beyond Buoyancy. I look forward to my next float!
Kathleen T
My partner Doug found it very relaxing and would consider a membership providing the fees were affordable,. It is in his best interest to maintain his body wellness on a regular basisl and feels this is the way to do it without killing himself in some hot sauna or something. He has back and spine issues and today after ONE treatment, he was able to get off the chair without assistance..THAT IS A MIRACLE!!! after his surgery he should continue using this method of therapy as it is a healing process and feels awesome.. IT IS INVIGERATING IN MIND SPIRIT AND SOUL and helps you take a moment to reflect on life and what your body deserves. I want to thank Alana and Lyse for taking time to explain everything and making the environment so inviting..Was a great experience and look forward to future visits. THANKYOU
Lynn Hale
Tried floating for the first time yesterday and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Sure enough I felt relaxed, fell asleep during the float and woke up a min or two before the light turned back on. I’m glad my husband got me a gift certificate for Christmas.
Abbey Manlolo
Absolutely incredible experience! The staff is so wonderful and welcoming, and the facilities were immaculate. I will definitely be returning!
Yashika Pillay
Most amazing feeling, most amazing people. Both my girlfriend and I went together and we loved it! The ladies there where so passionate and friendly, they made us feel like family and made the experience wonderful! I would suggest going here to anyone!!
Alex England
I was so pleasantly greeted by your wonderful staff. They were more than accommodating to my every need. My experience was so amazing and so personal. I have never felt so wonderful in such a long time. Very clean and just an over all 2 thumbs up!! I highly recommend Beyond Buoyancy to anyone!!
Tammy J
 My hubby and I had our first experience floating last night. My evaluation is that it is like any other practice that clears your mind and recenters you, it requires time and practice. Our first float was definitely practice! I did feel all of those good things though like; total relaxation, a clear mind and weightless! My body felt wonderful after, once I figured out my most comfortable floating position. It left my skin and hair feeling wonderful also. I recommend this to anyone and everyone. I think there are all around holistic health benefits and will definitely float again with Beyond Buoyancy!
Emily W
My first float was bizarre and amazing. I really had no idea what to expect and, to be honest, it took me a good 30 minutes to completely relax my body (especially my neck). Once I let go of my tension, there were times where I had to check that I was still floating in water. I slept like a log that night and woke feeling very energized. Lyse was very friendly and informative. Her tips were very helpful.

I went for my first float yesterday evening because I have had a headache on and off for over a week and no matter how much sleep I seem to get I felt exhausted. I am a stay at home Mom of a 18 month old also dealing with anxiety and was at a breaking point. At the end of my session I already felt so much better and incredibly relaxed! The staff were amazing and made me feel very comfortable and even being claustrophobic I was able to relax in the large tank. I woke up this morning feeling refreshed, headache free, and with the softest skin! I cannot wait to go again.