Float Therapy Pricing


All floats at Beyond Buoyancy Float Spa are 90 minutes (you can get out at any time).

Be calm. Be relaxed. Be still.

Just Be.

Intro Float*


Single Float


3 Pack*


*for first time visitors only

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5 Pack

($55 per session)

10 Pack

($50 per session)


As of May 1, 2018 we will be renting our towels for $5.00 plus gst. Members have free towel service.


Enjoy our exclusive members-only rates!

Our monthly $49 fee includes one float and each subsequent float, within that month, is only $45/float.

(can be shared with one other person)

Members will receive a free birthday float (during their birthday month), free towel service and 15% off of our retail store, as long as they remain a member.


We accept same day walk-ins at $59/session!

(Walk-ins must be in person—no phone or online booking.)


Gift certificates provide a unique way to offer health and
wellness to celebrate any occasion.


Beyond Buoyancy recognizes those who promote floating.

Refer ten people to us and you’ll receive a free float!

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Massage Treatments

Enhance your float experience with a therapeutic massage. Just give us a call (780-489-1237) to add it to
your float session, or enjoy a massage by itself.  Our massage therapists are registered.

30 Minutes


60 Minutes


90 Minutes



One hour float followed by 1/2 hour massage or 1/2 hour reflexology.


(by appointment only)

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Other Alternative Treatments

You can supplement your float with other alternative treatments. Please call (780-489-1237) ahead if you would like to add any of these alternative treatments to your float session.

Or you can book them separately.

Cranial Sacral Therapy

30 Minutes* | $65
60 Minutes | $90

Bowen Therapy

30 Minutes* | $65
60 Minutes | $90


30 Minutes* $55

60 Minutes $85

*Post-float treatment

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Pre/Post Float Pulsed Field Mat Treatments

10 Minute PEMF Treatment


Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Mats (PEMF)

At Beyond Buoyancy Float Spa we would like to introduce you to PEMF treatments. In our daily lives we are bombarded by electrosmog*. An increasing number of individuals are suffering from electrohypersensitivity (EHS).

Pulsed Electromagnetic field mats (PEMF)** balance cells, tissues and bodily functions at very fundamental levels, even before damage and problems become obvious to you. They protect against cell injury by improving circulation, repair processes and energy, and increasing special stress proteins in the cells. These proteins prevent cell breakdown and wear and tear as well as help speed recovery from injury. 

*Electrosmog/dirty electricity is defined as all man-made additions to the electromagnetic spectrum that may be biologically harmful. Man has altered the natural electromagnetic spectrum with the addition of high power lines (overhead and buried cable), household appliances, exercise equipment, alarm clocks, dishwashers, computers, cell phones and cell phone towers, WiFi, Bluetooth, microwave ovens, heating lamps, satellites, x-rays, radio frequencies, and x-ray radiation, cars, hair dryers, the electrical circuits in your house, vacuum cleaners, food mixers, and “smart” meters attached to your house by the utility company.

**A pulsed electromagnetic field mat/iMRS is a low frequency (.5-30 Hz) magnetic field, in a triple saw-tooth formation. It is dynamic. It is within the earth’s natural magnetic frequency called Schumann resonance. It is a healing frequency.

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How to book your float

  1. Create an account
  2. Choose a package that suits you.
  3. Choose a date & time that works for you.
  4. Reserve your float.
  5. Arrive & Float! Please come 15 minutes before your first float so we can brief you on our Spa.
  6. After your float, we invite you to relax and enjoy our post float lounge.


Beyond Buoyancy Policies

Reservation Policy
  • Beyond Buoyancy Float Spa has 5 float cabins available at 2 hour intervals. Our cabins are Canadian made by ProFloat Inc out of Chilliwack B.C.
    • Float times are: 9 am, 11 am, 1 pm, 3 pm, 5 pm, and 7 pm
    • Fall/winter hours are:
      • Monday – first float is 9:00 am; last float is 1:00 pm
      • Tuesday – first float is 1:00 pm; last float is 7:00 pm
      • Wednesday – first float is 1:00 pm; last float is 7:00 pm
      • Thursday – first float is 9:00 am; last float is 11:00 am
      • Friday, Saturday and Sunday – first float is 11:00 am; last float is 7:00 pm
    • If you and 2 friends would like to float outside of these hours please call/text Beyond Buoyancy at 780-489-1237 and we can see if we can make it work.
    • Payment by cash, Visa or MasterCard only
  • You can book a float session up to 4 weeks prior to the scheduled time and up to 30 mins before the float start time.
  • Reserving your float session online is the easiest and most convenient way to ensure you get the time that you want.
  • You can also call/text Beyond Buoyancy at 1 (780) 489-1237 or drop in to pre-book a session.
  • Please call/text Beyond Buoyancy at 1 (780) 489-1237 if you are running late but still plan on attending.
  • Walk-ins are welcome if cabins are available.


You are free to cancel your appointment without penalty up to 24 hours prior to your booking.

If you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment, we reserve the right to charge a $40 cancellation fee.

Terms and Conditions

Beyond Buoyancy reserves the right to revise the terms, conditions and prices at our discretion. You are bound by any such revisions and should therefore periodically visit our website to review the current Frequently Asked Questions and Beyond Buoyancy Policies, Terms and Conditions.