Floating for Pregnancy & Prenatal Health

Floatation therapy provides a safe and effective way for women to get a break from the physical stresses of pregnancy.  The water, which is saturated with Epsom Salts and is 11 inches deep, is heated to skin temperature, 93.5 to 94 degrees.  Unlike a hot tub, the body’s core temperature does not rise over the course of a session.  Floating alleviates added strain on the spine and soothes backaches and aching joints.  Floating can also help other common conditions of late-stage pregnancy; insomnia, depression and anxiety.   Floating does this by decreasing cortisol levels and promoting the production of endorphins.  There is also the “mirror effect” of the baby floating in the womb of the mother, and the mother floating in the womb of the float cabin.  This creates a spiritual/mutual pleasure for the mother, deepening her connection with her baby.

Simply by floating every few weeks, moms can strengthen their immune system, increase their ability to withstand and respond to stress, reduce harmful biochemicals in their system, and become a stronger and happier pregnant woman.

As always, check with your health care provider first, for any conditions that might be specific to you.