Your First Float


Upon Arrival

  1. Check in. We will take you on a personal tour of the Beyond Buoyancy Float Spa and go over the basics.
  2. Take a bathroom break, if needed.
  3. Remove all jewellery and contact lenses.
  4. Once you are in your private float room, take a quick shower using the pre-float soap provided to remove any make-up, deodorant, lotions and hair products.
  5. Dry your face and ears with the face cloth provided.
  6. Put in earplugs (optional). Ensure you have a tight seal to prevent water from getting in your ears since your ears will be just below the water line.
  7. Step into the float cabin.
  8. The interior cabin light will be left on for the first 10 minutes of your float (if you choose to leave it on for a longer period of time or for the whole session, that can be arranged).
  9. FLOAT! Let go, breathe, and relax.
  10. When your float is almost over, the interior cabin light will be turned back on. When ready step out of the cabin.

NOTE: Epsom salt water is slippery. Please be careful when getting out of the cabin and go directly into the shower.

  1. Shower and get dressed. Be sure to rinse out your ears thoroughly. A vinegar and water solution is provided.
  2. Beyond Buoyancy has a styling room, please bring any make-up or hair products you would like to use after your float.


Floating Protocol

  • Please arrive at Beyond Buoyancy Float Spa 10-15 minutes before your float time
  • Spa sandals are provided to wear once you arrive
  • Washrooms are available for use prior to showering before your float
  • Beyond Buoyancy Float Spa is a Quiet Zone, please be mindful when you are here.
  • Make sure your cell phone or any other devices are either turned off or set to Silent.
  • Try to keep post float showers to a maximum of 10 minutes. This helps us conserve water and keep other floats on schedule.
  • The styling room is available to do hair and makeup.
  • Enjoy a water or tea in our post float lounge. Here, you can relax a little longer and share your thoughts or experiences in our journal, or with our staff.


Floating Tips

There are two positions we recommend for optimal comfort in the cabins:

  1. With your arms at your side, palms up or down.
  2. With your arms over-head, palms up.

Improve your float by:

  • Using the bathroom before you begin your float
  • Avoid shaving or waxing beforehand, as the salt water may irritate your skin
  • Hydrating yourself before your session
  • Staying away from caffeine (coffee, energy drinks) or eating a large meal beforehand
  • Not smoking immediately before your float.


No matter what you experience when you float at Beyond Buoyancy Float Spa, we are confident you will enjoy the way you feel during and after your float.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.